The next day we went to this fantastic museum (Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan). The grave was first discovered by grave robbers but before they could damage too much, the site was taken over by the archaeologists and some of the stolen loot was recovered. In the burial plateau a total of 5 graves were found. The grave of the “Lord of Sipan was unopened. It was a real treasure chest. The Lord was buried together with several of his crowns, gold necklaces, earrings and clothes. The luxury is comparable with the grave of Toetanchamon in Egypt. During excavation, the layers of jewellery were removed one by one.  All is now on display in this dedicated museum. I could not take any photo’s so the pictures below come from the guidebook.

From here, we drove on north towards the Ecuador border, and since it was late to attempt border crossing, we stopped overnight in Las Lomas, some 60 km before the border.