Packing started on Sunday and the truck finally left on Thursday. Why it was so slow is not immediately obvious. They were with enough people but in the end the boxes were standing in the way of progress. Also a sick supervisor and no proper handover resulted in another 6 hrs delay which then carried us nicely over to Thursday.

We finally made it to the Shangri-la resort at 20.30 with all out luggage cramped into the car. We took it all out because it obviously needs some streamline packing before the big trip starts. In fact this is more or less a trial run. Although, before we were even off camp, Anton and Bernard had already hooked up the car DVD system and were watching a movie. No trial there.

Shell efficiency was impressive. We asked at the cheapest of the 3 hotels if there was a booking for us, hoping against reason that we would be referred to the more up market hotel. Yes there was a single room reserved for a Mr. R Welling. Why book for a family if you only pay 1 employee. We were lucky it was low (Hot) season and for some extra down payment we could get a second room.Vacation download 2 007_edited