We took it easy this morning. After getting up late and having breakfast, we walked down to the main road and took a taxi to Damascus old city to visit the souk, mosque etc. We didn’t even make an attempt to drive there.

We entered the old city from souk al-hamidiyya (western side) and walked from here to the Umayyad Mosque (one of the four oldest mosques in the world, after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem). It was very impressive and very informal. People are allowed to mix/walk among the worshippers, free to take photographs and sit wherever you wish. The only exception is that women have to cover up. Free abaya is provided at the ticket office and no footwear allowed in the mosque. After our experience in Bosra, we decided this time to take a guide to show us around. It was worth it. Later we walked around the souk. Jamaliah managed to restraint herself from buying anything there, though there were quite a few interesting items she could have bought. From here we then walked to the National Museum. Not quite a straight forward thing. By using the map and asking for directions several times we finally found the place only to be told that the museum is generally open every day except Tuesday. By this time the boys are getting hotter and grumpier and they wanted to go back to the house. Despite the wind, it was a hot day today. Before getting a taxi back we make a final stop at an Internet café so we can check our mail and posted our last 2 days trip update.