In The last week before departure the last remaining items were bought. All tools and other items were stored in the tail box. It is amazing how much fits in. The heavier items like air compressor and snow chains were stored underneath the bench. The reserve diesel tank was filled and the LPG tank toped up. All 3 cans of spare oil and coolant fitted nicely in the cupboard.

The camper needed an extra visit to the garage because the aircon was still not working. On Good Friday the men at “VWshop” had to install a new compressor. Jamaliah spent the whole of Saturday and Sunday to sort out all her cloths and the food supply. It was best to leave her to it and not interfere. It is amazing how she managed to get all items inside the one wardrobe and underneath the cooker/sink. I spent the Sunday sleeping in the sun and staying out of her way.

On Monday all lose items were packed in Passepartout and friends dropped by to say farewell. This was not easy for Jamaliah but in the end we managed to leave around 12:15 hrs. The first stop was already some 2 km further at the tennis court to say goodbye to Rudy’s tennis team. They were engaged in some close 3 setters. At 13:00 it was then finally go. After a non eventful 187 km we arrived at a camping near Bremen for the first stop. The various navigation systems managed to direct us correctly. The first meal was cooked and beside the indicator light all equipment seemed to be working.