The upload last night took very long. There was no internet connection till after the power cut at 23:45. So it was around 1:30 till all was done. I hope you enjoyed it. After a last shower and shave we went to the nearby bazaar. In the buildings there were little shops selling cloths and other small items. Outside in the narrow streets is was tool, wood, paint, etc. We asked and wondered around and found a shop which had a “Spanband” for sale. It was a used one. We only noticed the next day that it was useless. After some discussions the day plans were changed and it was agreed to drive to the boarder. We drove all three together. It was slow going because neither Fred nor Marja wanted to go above 50 km on the bumpy road. We only got to the border at 15:15. It was not busy. Hardly any trucks and only some 3 cars in front of us. The gate was closed and the guard only let one car in at a time. Actually a good system. In this way there was no overcrowding in front of the immigration and customs officer. It was just very slow but relaxed. It took us 4:45 hrs to get through. Every cupboard and box in the car was inspected but fortunately we did not have to unpack. Since we were the first to cross the border (having the smallest car) we drove on and found a lovely camping spot next to a lake. In the sunset you could see the fisherman setting out his nets. We celebrated our safe and efficient border crossing with an extra beer.