We left early for the trial drive over the mountains to Shahrisrz where Iman Timur (1400) had built some mausoleums for himself and his family. It was a nice drive over the 1750 m pass. You did notice that the pulling power of the camper was less so I hope the drive over the mountain passes in Tajikistan are manageable .



On the way back we were able to find Diesel (not commonly available along the way) and there were enough people spraying their gardens so filling the water tank was not difficult. We were back in time to see the remaining tourist sights of Samarkand i.e. follow the walking alley down the hill to the mausoleums. This is a small alley with left and right beautifully decorated mausoleums. It was like the valley of the kings but then with mausoleums.

The last 2 campers of the group arrived and Fred had arranged a delicious local meal with cold wine and live music in the courtyard of a small guesthouse. We are now with 5 campers. The next day however the group would split up again in 2 different groups.