After the usual peanut butter sandwich (Mieke’s Jam is long finished) and Jamaliah’s glass of milk with cereal we set off around 8:45a. Along the way we saw a horse race going on in the hills beside the road. It was a great sight, seeing these horses overtaking each other. When we passed the finish line cars were already leaving so we also decided to drive on and find some festivity further down the road. Unfortunately we only saw cars full of families driving back from activities. Hopefully we will see some tomorrow in Ulaanbaatar.

We parked the camper on the terrain of a well-known Overlander stopping point “Oasis Guesthouse”. There were 8 motor riders there and 3 4×4 Overlanders and one large camper. Not as many as I thought they would be. 4 motorbikes did the Pamir some 3 weeks ago. So apparently it is open again. However on the Kirgizstan side they were stopped for 3 days due to a landslide. Now they are delayed here because their tour leader had all his papers stolen out of his Ger. So much for guesthouse security. We will keep our car locked and sleep with our valuables.