It is a long drive the last stretch to Vladivostok. We left Chita late due to the long evening of updating the Blog. We had a walk through the city centre looking for a supermarket and a Museum about the Decembrist (a group of nobleman who failed to topple the tsar in 1825 and were banned to labour camps around Chita). Both we did not find. After some driving around we did find the museum in a lovely old wooden church on the fringes of town.

After that it was a long 629 km drive to catch up with our travel companions which we met camping in-between some wooden houses in a village. Since Rudy did not get much sleep, Jamaliah did most of the driving. (This is only the second time that Jamaliah took over driving the camper in the 96 days we are on the road. Rudy did most of the driving and he is very good at it). The road was in general good but there were a lot of bumps in the road because the sand body on which the road is built is sinking. The landscape is forested hills with no agriculture and not many villages (nor cars).