The last stretch was just like the day before: road works. This time hampered by the fact that the car was holding back. For some reason it just cannot pull up the hills in any gear. We thought it was the diesel filter but now it must be the motor management system. If we stop for lunch (and let the system cool down a bit) then it pull like normal. So next time we run in to this we will just stop for a coffee. Since it was our second time in Krasnoyarsk we went straight to the beautiful Regional museum. It is housed in a 1912 building covered with Egyptian frescos. In the zoological section there was next to the mammoth skeleton a setup up woolly rhinoceros, which was new to me. In the basement there was a large section on various indigenous nomadic “Inuit tribes” living above the pool circle which showed their habitat as well as an interesting section showing several Shaman (= medicine man..) costumes. One floor was also dedicated to the development of the state from the early times through to the present day. Some interesting cartoons from the start of the First World War were shown (before the communist revolution of 1917). We had been looking for a Samovar (local tea /hot water system) for some time. In the museum shop we finally saw some for sale and we bought one. It is rather large so we are now even more cramped in our camper.

The remaining of the afternoon was spent up on the hills across the Yenisey River in the Stolby national park. We took the chairlift up and down so we could spend most of the time admiring the view of the volcanic rocks sticking up through the forest. After that we followed the river up to the hydro dam we had crossed before. This time we did find a suitable camp spot along the river. Since it is below the dam the water is too cold for swimming.