We (=JJ) could have another lie–in because the time had shifted again by 1 hour. We did a rap up tour of the old wooden houses, tried to find the botanical gardens in the university compound and drove out of town south in the direction of Novosibirsk.

Before the city the road widened into a 4-lane highway but in town it was one long single lane traffic congestion. We wanted to visit the train museum at the south end of town for which we had a waypoint. It proved to be something different then all the “standard” historical/regional museums. It was great fun and both of us posed with our favourite machine. No steam engine older than 1932 was present though. They must be somewhere else.

Another peanut we took from camperreis.nl was a waypoint of the yacht club a bit further down the road. There we could book a room and do our clothes and self-washing as well as a swim from a beach in the river.