This is the first leg of our world trip. We travelled through 12 countries on our way across the mighty Eurasian continent. It took us 132 days to travel the 41,000 km.

The Polish cities of Gdansk and Warsaw were an eye opener. The old Silk Road cities of Samarkand and Bukhara are fantastic with their large decorated Medressa (Schools). The Pamir mountains (Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan) are an adventure to drive through especially if the passes have just been opened. East Kazakhstan has the most hospitable people we met. Mongolia is a country were everybody treks around and camps along streams and lakes. Russia is so vast.

The countryside is beautiful (especially Lake Baykal) but access is limited to the cities with St Petersburg, Moscow, Suzdal, Tobolsk, Tomsk, Ulan-Ude and Vladivostok being the highlights. The places to go back to are Mongolia and the mist out regions of Altai and Tuva.

When we got back the camper was overhauled. The steering mechanism was wobbly and needed some new bearings etc. A second spare tyre will be placed on the back of the camper using the old rack. A new box (aluminium) will be made to fit underneath it. Further more some metal screens will be fitted to the window so Jamaliah will also have fresh air at night.

The camper will be made ready for the next leg of the World Trip

Key cost elements: Diesel € 22/day (€0.072 /km), Car maintenance € 0.048 / km, Daily living cost €32/day, Hotel €68/day. Overall €93/day, Visa €1.563.

We made a slideshow from the trip. There are 4 parts. Klick on the links below and enjoy.

West Europe Video

Kazachstan Video

Uzbekistan Video

Tajikistan Video

Mongolie Video

Siberia Video

Rudy and Jamaliah Welling