Learning Spanish is going slow. Each day we have combined and private lessons for a total of 3 hrs.  We still have trouble with the basic words. On the street we do seem to manage to get what we want, so beside the intellectual conversations, we are fine. Over time we should learn more words.

The hotel was booked till Tuesday. It was OK but sitting on the bed all the time listening to the aircon noise and no sunlight got a bit depressing. After some searching on AirBNB we found a lovely 2 story “penthouse” around the corner. At 45 euros a day it was a bit more expensive than the hotel (40 euros) but a lot more comfortable. On the balcony there is a nest with dove chicks.

The penthouse has 2 stories. Below is the small livingroom and kitchen and upstairs the bedroom and bathroom. All very well maintained.

Oldfashion open elevator with sliding doors

It is just a 10 min walk from the Spanish class and there are a lot of small groceries shops and local snack bars in the neighborhood. Beside one restaurant visit, we mostly have dinner in the shopping mall “Gallerias Pacifico” food court or take an empanada in a snack bar.


After the Spanish lessons we wandered a bit through the town. It is very warm (temp. 37 deg) so the distances are limited. We visited the upgraded docklands area of Puerto Madero and checked out the train station Retiro and Plaza San Martin with its British clock tower (1916),  the monument for the Fauklands war (1992) and a statue of Argentina’s liberator Jose de San Martin (1816). On Wednesday evening we went to a Tango show. Some 4 couples performed different tango dances on stage accompanied by several musicians and a male singer. The movements of the legs are very quick and the kicks high.