Despite that is was siesta time, the manager (Christobal) and the mechanic Marcus were still around. Quickly the left rear suspension was checked and it was cleared that the welded bolt had broken off. The tire and shock absorber were removed again and another attempt was made to create a screw fitting to the end of the shock absorber. This resulted in welding a short rod with tread inside on to the shock absorber. Unfortunately it was also siesta time in town so Marcos only came back with the necessary spares etc. after 15:00 hrs. Everything was quickly put together again and we left for our drive north for the second time.

Slowly we moved out of town and up the RN7 again. All went well over the 160 km of tarmac. The last 40 km was again on the bumpy road, which was under construction. Slowly we crept over it back to the camp spot on the side of the lake from 2 nights ago. Everything held together and we had a good night sleep.

The next morning the dolphins showed themselves in the fjord in front of us. The day developed in an exceptional sunny day and we enjoyed the drive first over the 80% surfaced RN7 (including a short ferry ride as the road was still under construction) and a stop in Puyuhuapi to use the town internet) till the turn off to Futaleufu. This is a border town in the Andes (450 m) towards Argentina.


(Normally the Carretera Austral goes on to Chaiten but due to the massive landslide in December in the town of Villa Santa Lucia (half of the town was swept away) the road is not passable anymore. To turn to Futaleufu, we have to do a detour around the back of the village. You can still see the massive destruction it has left behind.  The army are still there managing the clean up. Terrible tragedy.)