On Saturday all 4 of us took the train to Schiphol, so we could catch the 20:55 direct flight to Buenos Aires. After the usual Burger king meal we said goodbye to the boys  and they went back by train to Assen, while we went through customs and boarded the plane.

The main hurdle on landing was getting the spare parts through customs. On the luggage scan the parts were seen in the suitcase. After some discussion and showing of the purchasing receipt we were allowed to import the parts after paying 100% import duty.  This was expected. The parts we brought in cannot be found in Argentina so what else is there to do. In Holland we had arranged an AirBnb accommodation near to Andean Roads where our camper was stored. With an Uber taxi from the airport we were in no time at the accommodation (60 km). The accommodation is a 3 bedrooms house with a kitchen and living room. Too big for our needs but affordable and close to the camper (900 m away). The shops were still open (closed at 1pm on Sunday) so we purchased some food and also managed to get a new simcard for the phone. After a short siesta we wandered over to the storage place and saw that Passepartout, still looking good.

Both the household battery and the car battery were gone. Christian lend us a car and driver to buy new ones. The car battery was no problem but a 140 Ah gel camper battery is very expensive and difficult to find. In the end Christian gave us one of his spare batteries. It is smaller and only 105 Ah. Time will tell if this is sufficient for our travel. In the evening the workload was agreed with Marcus, the site mechanic, and he started work straight away. All throughout the next day and part of the following day he worked on the camper. The rear and front shock absorbers and springs were replaced and also the steering wheel rods and front bearings. We brought along 4 sets of joints for the front torsion bar. They were the ones which kept on breaking the last trip and needed welding. On Wednesday afternoon Marcos was finished and we took the camper out for oil change and searching for LPG for the gas tank. The last one  we could not find. We have half a tank left (8 ltr.) so hopefully we will find something within the next 2 months.

We slept Wednesday 6/11 for the first time again in the camper. The luggage is still lying all over the place. On Thursday we rearranged everything in the camper and now everything in its place. We also managed to glue the split PVC joint together so we now should have no more leaks in the drainage pipe. After (again) an unsuccessful detour to refill our gas, we drove north out of town and crossed the first major river (Rio Parana) and continued North towards Uruguay (Montevideo).