In total we spent 3 nights in Montevideo. Two of those nights along the boulevard and one at the site of a caravan builder recommended in iOverlander. We still had to find a solution for our electrical problem. Carlos came out with a long electrical cable so we could simulate laying a new cable. However we still could not solve the puzzle. The alternator was giving enough voltage but there was too much of a drop when reaching the battery. Carlos called in his friend Eduardo, who specialises in alternators. He had a quick look at the situation and determined that the earth connection of the camper battery was faulty and not the positive (+) line which we suspected. By this time it was already evening, so it was decided to camp overnight on the grounds of the workshop and the next day drive to Eduardo’s work place. It rained all night and most of the next morning. We got to Eduardo’s shop around 10:00 hrs. A few holes were drilled for pulling the earth cable through from the front battery, underneath the camper, to the rear battery.  When connected we could finally read the desired 14.0 V at the battery indicating that there was little power drop over the line and the battery should be recharged during driving. Along the road we could see that this was true !!.

Uruguay is a relaxed country. It is not a rich but they seem to have their priorities right. The roads are well maintained and not too busy. The towns are clean and you see big yellow garbage trolleys at 200m interval along the road. There is very few litter around so it must end up in these bins which are then regularly emptied. The countryside is pleasant. Not spectacular. Rolling hills with grassland, cows and also large wheat/maze fields. Here and there eucalyptus tree plantations and also vineyards.  There are not many farmhouses and they are mostly small. Grain silos dot the landscape. They must have more the one harvest per year since some of the wheat is ripe while the maze looks like it was only planted a month ago. The people are friendly and saw them walking on the beachfront while sipping on their ever present mate. Rudy tried it on the last trip but it tasted so much like sucking up tea made from hay. Maybe he should try it again.

Around 17:00 hrs we stopped at a lovely public picnic ground on the edge of a large reservoir lake. The Rio Negro has two of them before reaching the sea. Since leaving Buenos Aires a week ago we embraced the opportunity to take a dip and have a wash in the lake. Finally we smell fresh again.