We did not make it far. After some 20 km of traffic jam the clutch stopped working and with a smoking clutch we had to squeeze ourselves through the lanes to a nearby garage. After 2 ½ days the clutch was removed and the failing parts could be identified. That was Saturday 26/12. The parts were ordered in Germany and arrived on Thursday 31/1.

In the mean time we were thankful that we could stay at Luisable’s apartment. During that time we made regular walks in the nearby park and discovered a nice local market on the other side of the park. There you can buy all kinds of vegetables and fish. There are also lost of small stalls selling lunch.

Thanks to Uber were also visited several of the remaining highlights in Lima: The old temple/burial site Huaca Huallamarca nearby in San Isidro. The Monasterio de San Francisco with it catacombs full of nicely laid out bones. The coastal cliffs of Miraflores with high-rise apartments and hotels overlooking the ocean as well as paragliders surfing through the air on the strong coastal winds.

The magical fountains in the Parque de la Reserva where we got soaked by all the splashing of the kids in the water. Together with Luisable and Javier we also went to some fine restaurants. One was next to the other Huaca Pucllana in Miaflores.

On Sunday there were several very noisy parades in town. Dans groups and bands tried to outdoe eachother. The costumes were very elaborate.

On the last day Rudy borrowed Luisabel’s bike and cycled to the coast. There was a cycle path most of the way so the traffic interference was not too bad.

On 5/2 the car was finally fixed (after 13 days) and we could continue our trip up north towards Ecuador.