Tomorrow, Sunday 17/3/2019, we fly home. It would have been nice if we could have spent the last days at some quiet resort but such a thing does not exist on the Caribbean coast. Unless we go to some resort islands off the coast (which is vetoed by Jamaliah as she is not keen being on the beach all day). Also we had to be close by to go to the harbour to get the camper inspected for drugs control before it is placed on the ship. Now Ppar2 (Passepartout) is out of our hands and somewhere on the Caribbean see (most likely Panama). These past week we visited the town several times. First the large fort which defended the city against pirates and jealous countries. It was a large structure built over on a small hill next to the town. It had been extended many times and had tunnels connecting the various cannon batteries.

On other occasions, we wandered through the narrow streets of the old town and visited the always present churches and monasteries. Because of the surrounding walls, the city has kept a lot of its old charm and the majority of the traffic circulates around it. Still there are not many walking sections and you have to watch out for the small yellow taxies which squeeze themselves through the pedestrians who have to walk on very narrow sidewalks. To avoid this we walked all around town on top of the city wall. A nice walk whereby we enjoyed the sea breeze and the sunset.

To break up the wait we booked ourselves on a island tour. In the morning we bordered a large speedboat with some 60 passengers and speeded along the coast to a Marine park. We first stepped out at a small island with an aquarium. In fenced off basins in the sea they held various types of large fish. There was a dolphin show and to stimulate the schools of fish they were fed while we watched.

Lunch was along the Baru peninsula where there are many beach hostels and hotels. The boat ride to there was very rough so we were totally soaked when we arrived for lunch. It was a bit of a rush so it would have been nicer to stay the night. The hour and a half boat ride back was fortunately a bit smoother.

Twice we walked along the coast from our apartment to town (40 min). On Friday we had a farewell dinner appointment with Harry and Marleen. They are now on their way to Panama to pickup their camper and store it for their next trip. We continue to read books, newspapers, watch movies on the computer and play word crossy and pass our time in the apartment waiting for tomorrows flight home.