The city has expanded in all directions over the years. Suburb after suburb has been glued on to the original center. Now some 7 million people live and work here. The infrastructure is for ever expanding with numerous 4 – 8 lane highways crossing over each other in all directions over impressive flyovers. This does not reduce the morning and evening traffic jams. Even the availability of a good network of private Grab taxi’s has not reduced the traffic. Car tend to have only 1 person in them. Public transport is available but obviously not used enough.

We stayed in the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur at Bandar Sunway, at the apartment of Jamaliah’s niece, who is studying in KL. She has a relatively large 2 floor apartment with 3 bedrooms on the 15th floor of one of the many high-rises. These apartment block all have a large 4 – 6 story parking garage underneath them. Something I do not see in Holland. For every trip into town for grocery shopping, eating or museum visits we took a Grab taxi. They are not expensive but, since there are no walking or cycling paths, you tend to take a lot of short or long drives. On one trip we visited the National Museum. This was the first time in many stopovers. Mostly we rush in to town to some shopping mall. These are large impressive complexes with all the usual  brand shops.

Rudy managed to satisfy his need for Lobster. The thinking was that it would be cheaper here since it is a local produce. However the lobster was from Maine in the USA, so no discount. We also had a nice dinner with Gopal and Prema, friends from our time in Warri, Nigeria.