It was a Malay mandi. No running water, only a large plastic bucket with water which you can then throw over yourself. I restricted it to just face and arms.

The long road back gets a bit tiring after 200 km. Again there are speed limits at each village and police to check it. We were fined twice on this stretch. Once it went into the pocket of the traffic police and the second time we got a receipt. The road was full of trucks and overtaking was hazardous. Therefore this trip took over 8 hrs.

Along the way Brown sent me the whatsapp number of Theo Wolf. I worked with him in Sekenke and he was also with us in Delft for a few weeks. He had emigrated to Greece 31 years ago. We had several nice conversation and I promised I would drop by once Jamaliah and I make it to Athens somewhere in the future.

Closer to the centre of Dar es Salaam they are building a multilane highway with modern flyovers. The project is ¾ complete. The trucks, cars, tuk-tuks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians are not familiar with the rules on such a road. It is therefore chaos and not much quicker than a 2 lane road. Especially because there is also here a speed limit of 50 km. We drove back to Trinity guest house where I booked myself in for the night in the same room I had before. The price of $50 was the same but it felt suddenly high compared to the $14 or less I was paying along the way. Anyway it feels like coming home.