We took the highway going north towards Prince Edward Island. Before crossing over the 13 km long Confederation bridge we made a detour towards the Jogging fossil cliffs. Due to the high powerful tides the cliff face is being eroded away and coal layers are exposed. In these layers many fossils of the carboniferous are exposed (300 mil. years old). The site is made famous by the discovery of the first know land reptile which was discovered here inside a fossil tree back at in time of Darwin (1850’s). We wandered over the rocky beach underneath the cliff and also found some tree prints and plant impressions in the mudstone rock. We found a camping spot on the south shore of the island underneath a lighthouse overlooking the Northumberland Strait. During the evening we had heavy rains but we were far enough away from the cliff to be worried of it collapsing into the sea.

The state capital city of Charlottetown is a medium size city with 18th century wooden buildings in its centre. There are also several large stone churches. One of them is the neo gothic catholic St. Dunstan basilica (1913) which we visited. We crossed the island over to the north side and wandered through the Greenwich centre. Here at the tip of a land spit, a long floating boardwalk over a swamp brought you to coastal sand dunes. We managed to spot and photograph a few local birds. A bit further up the northern coast we camped at the shoreline and experienced our first sunset into the sea.