We were hoping to see Buffalo’s in the Riding Mountain National Park north of Winnipeg. The drive over the good 4 lanes and later 2 lanes highway was pleasant. On this Sunday there was not much traffic and before we knew it we were at the gates of the park (267 km). Unfortunately the area where the buffalo roam was closed off due to severe flooding over the last 2 months. The road was closed and I think also some bridges were still under water. We checked out the park campsite but everything was fully booked. It looked like the whole population of Winnipeg had come to this N.P. We decided to drive on, on one of the many secondary roads which go straight due west. Because it is less used by trucks the condition of the road is much better. After a day of 423 km we stopped at a small, not busy, campsite in Churchbridge on Hwy 16. We arrived early as we entered another time zone (Saskatchwan), gaining another hour.