Robin and Rich really took good care of us for 4 days. Together they cooked healthy meals in the mornings and evenings with fresh salad grown in Robin’s “Garden Tower”. During the day we made some trips into Boulder, walked through a canyon in the nearby Flat Irons where daredevils (rock climbers) are climbing the canyon walls and to the nearby Rocky Mountains N.P. In the National Park we drove all the way to the top at some 3713 m high. The winds were horrendous and Jamaliah had to hold on to me. It was freezing cold. We hoped to see some Elk bugling but were not so lucky. We did see some deer on the side of the road with many cars stopping to see/photograph them. On the evening of our last day we had an intense match of pickle ball. Robin was the star of the game. Jamaliah and I were learners. The game is played on half the size of a tennis court with a bat and a small hard ball (combination of table tennis and badminton??).