In Yuma we stopped at Wal-Mart to stock up on Beef jerky and other specialities we were not sure of if we could find them in Mexico. We arrived at the border at 15:20 and were done with all the paper work and payments (Tourist Visa, Car import paper and deposit) at 16:40. A bit too late. There was however no campsite closed by so we had to drive for some 160 km to get there. The last hour was driving in the dark (sunsets at 18:15). We were never planning to drive in the dark, especially in Mexico. Still here we were doing it on our first day. Moreover the campsite is on a small 1,5 km long dirt road. Fortunately someone was there to open the gate for us. We were the only guests and parked the camper next to the Colorado river which slowly flows past the campsite/holiday homes. We were by this time very tired, stressout and decided to have an early night.

The following morning we met Don, the American owner, who explained why some building were damaged. In September they had a thunderstorm with mini tornadoes touching down at their site, ripping the roofs of many of the small holiday bungalows. Repairs are in progress.

We left late and continued on the recently refurbished Hwy 5 South on the Baja California peninsula. The good road is narrow and winding over the desert or in between the sand dunes. Before arriving in San Felipe, we had our first (and probably many more later) military check point. They asked where we came from and where we are going. Friendly greetings, looked through the window and waved us away.  At San Felipe there are many coastal holiday camps for Americans and Canadians who come down here to escape the cold winters up North. In this town we had our first Taco’s in Mexico. Hopefully many will follow. After a short walk around we drove a further 130 km south from there and found a free campsite on a cliff next to the Sea of Cortez. We are parked in-between abandoned houses. Maybe they were damaged by a storm and since abandoned. The temperature drops in the evening (26 down to 18 deg.), especially since we are close to the sea and due to the breeze coming from the mountains.