In the evening (in Lorento) we went out for dinner around the corner. We were just in time because most restaurants close at 20:00 hrs. As usual we shared a starter and the main meal. During the night Rudy had stomach problems for the first time. Fortunately it did not last and we could continue the drive down the peninsula to La Paz. First you follow the east coast. Then you cross the mountains and a high plain sloping down to the west coast. From there a straight road south and south east brings you to the beautiful town of La Paz. The town/city lies on a bay with several sand beaches. There is a long promenade (Malecon) along the water front with next to it a double lane bicycle path, tourist restaurants and low rise hotels. The climate is great: sunshine, wind and some 25 deg. We stayed the first night at an overlander type guesthouse/camping where you can park your camper inside the fence in the courtyard. The following day we could drop by the local VW specialist at 16:00 hrs and they would assess what causes the noise we heard when driving. The ticking noise was getting more frequent and louder. Rudy demonstrated the noise to the mechanic who came with us. Well maybe he overdid it. The camper stopped working completely. We had to be towed back to the garage and slept in front of it, on the fairly noisy and busy street, for the next 2 days. First, out on the street, one front axle was removed and found ok. They wanted to move the camper inside the garage in order to remove the other joint and work on the problem The camper unfortunately is too high to fit through the garage door which is 2,70 cm high. So the next day, they spent most of the time replacing our tyres with smaller ones so they can bring it inside the garage. Once inside, the other axel was removed and found it was ok too. The diagnose was that the clutch must be gone. They had no means to repair that and put everything back. On 3rd day the camper was loaded on a truck and brought to the “specialist”. He had no idea what to do but was willing to look at it. One of the mechanics was set to work to try and remove the gearbox and coupling. On a T4 syncro this is a very difficult job. I could not find any instruction video’s and the advice I got did not help the mechanic much (partly because of the language issues). He spent 2 days removing the gearbox and differential. When the differential was finally removed and opened up you could see that connection of the disc plate with the pulley was broken, i.e. the disc did not turn with the motor and hence did not turn the gearbox. Now we knew what to order (cannot get this spare part in Mexico) and asked our garage in Holland to arrange this. Hopefully they can order and send it soon so we can continue our trip. Meanwhile we left the camper behind at the garage and are staying again at the Peace Center again. This time in the guesthouse (with communal kitchen).  A great place to stay. Friendly and helpful hosts.