Our departure from Holland was delayed till Monday 27/2/2023. A few days before our planned leaving date, Jamaliah got severe back pain which continued on into her right leg. It took a while before the doctor took it more seriously and ordered an MRI scan. Unfortunately the results did not come before the new departure date. The scan confirmed she has a hernia, which pinches the nerves towards her leg. We now travel slower and Jamaliah takes painkillers and anti inflammatory pills to cope with the pain. With this medication and some walking around, Jamaliah managed to make the 11 hrs flight to Mexico.

Mina, the camping owner, picked us up at the airport when we arrived in the evening and drove us to Teotihuacán (47 km) where Passepartout was waiting for us. The camper battery was flat but we connected it to the mains and went straight to bed. The next morning we repacked everything, had the clothes washed at a nearby launderette, started the engine and took the camper to the car wash. Camper was really dirty. The first time we were here in December Rudy was not feeling well so we did not fully explore the large pyramid complex, Teotihuacan. Despite that Jamaliah was in pain and walking with a walking stick we explored the other half of the temple remains along the 5km long avenue of the dead. This time we noticed that the many pyramid shaped structures had many layers. Each ruler added a layer to the complex, covering up the older sculptures and wall paintings. At various places the archaeologist had pealed back the layers and we could walk through a cross section. At the end of the avenue is the large Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent with La Ciudadele (the citadel) as the highest structure dating back to 250 AD. A more recent overbuild was partially removed revealing many sculptures left and right along the stairway to the top. The complex was dedicated to the water god as can be seen by the waves and shell decoration along the different levels.

The next morning we moved to another camping on the other side of town for the night. In the morning, we left the camper here and took the bus into Mexico City. After spending 4 days in Mexico City, we came back here. There are several more campers around. Primarily French and one family  with 2 children. In the evening Omar, the camp owner, lit a fire and we had roasted marshmallows and peanuts. We decided to stay an extra night to recuperate from the city and for Jamaliah to get some rest.