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Day 22 Qamystybas-Korkyt Ata Monument, 354 km

It was a very relaxing start. Since we did not have to do many kilometres we only left at 9:30. We drove from the beautiful lakeside campsite further in the direction of what was left of the Aral sea. Via dikes the water from the Syr Darya river is directed towards the lake centre in an attempt to slowly refill it. If successful Aral will be connected with the lake by 2015. Most of the drive was over a sandy washboard type road zigzagging through the refilled land. The flooded green pastures were refreshing after the sandy steppe. At the final dam we had to turn back. For a change we drove at the back of the other 2 campers which was relaxingly slow. At some point it was too slow for Rudy so he passed and drove at a speed of 60 km/hr over the good tarmac road out to the main highway. The wind was so strong that it was difficult to accelerate far above 90 km/hr. Since we were in the lead we had to find a campsite. It was all open space and strong winds. The first spot was no good so we ended up driving past Baikanour all the way to the Korkyt Ata monument (not really much to see but a nice area with large parking place. At the newly built rest house (+mosque) at the foot of the monument we had our first out of camper evening meal (stir fried rice, veggie, meat). After dinner we borrowed an electric hair cutter and Jamaliah cut off Rudi’s hair as good as it went. Tomorrow he will look in the mirror…

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