We got up this morning and had a nice breakfast. Even Anton managed to put away 2 bread rolls. It had rained overnight and the weather was still gloomy. After packing up the car we drove towards the Kings Castle, which was just 3 km down the road. After the first turn problems started. Since this is the peak season and school holiday, it seems that everyone want to visit the castle today. We crawled into town behind a line of cars searching for a parking space. In town we saw a long line (at least over 2 km) of people queuing for entry tickets to the castle. It looked like a 1 hour or so line for the tickets and we would then be mass herded through the castle. This did not seem like a good idea. After a brief discussion we decided to turn the car around and head for home. No need to mention the cheers from the back bench. The boys were happy all the way back to Zelhem and were looking over our shoulders to the navigation system and reading off the remaining distance. We even heard Anton singing. Back in Zelhem it was quickly unpacking and then in front of the TV for them as if they had really missed it along the 38 day trip from Oman to Holland. The last view days of our trip will be spent here in Zelhem. From this base we will do the missed out trip to “Six Flags” and the cinema. (Harry Potter) before moving to our new temporary home in Assen.Day 32 Back in Zelhem 011_edited