To recap our adventure. Our trip took us through UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria (just passing through) and Germany before arriving in Holland. We spent 38 days and a total of 12771km. Except for Damascus where we spent our nights with a friend; we slept in 5 star Hotel to road side motel. Overall these rooms are all okay despite the difference in prices. They are clean, towels provided, hot water available and toilet acceptable. Some border crossing can take longer than others. But in general, the people are helpful (despite the language barrier) and much easier than expected. Driving on the roads is mostly okay except for in Syria (haphazard system. 5 rows of car in 3 lanes. Everything goes). Slightly better in Jordan. Romania has the most kamikaze drivers. Unbelievable!   Changing money is not a problem. Actually you can take money from any ATM machine in all these countries. You save on the exchange rate. Tourist Visa. If you have EU passport, you only need a visa for Saudi, Jordan and Syria which you have to apply in advance before travelling in your country of residence. You CANNOT get them at the border. In Turkey you are issued a visa at the border without problem.

For Rudy this is a memorable trip to close a chapter, a trip that he has always wanted to do. He started this trip way back in 1984 when he drove to London to work for Shell UK. He then moved to Brunei where he met and married Jamaliah. After 4 years, took her back for a short 2 years stay in Holland where Anton and Bernard were born. Next move, New Orleans, USA and after 4 years to Warri, Nigeria. Three and half years later we moved to Oman where we spent 5 years before making this epic trip. So for Rudy, he left Holland by car and came back also by car, 23 years later.

This trip has been an experience of a lifetime. We had a great time and really enjoyed writing our daily report on the website and we certainly appreciated your comments and support along the way. If you want any more details please give us a call or send us an e-mail (

Rudy, Jamaliah, Anton & Bernard Welling