I was confident that I could find my way with the handheld Garmin Etrex and the Sygic program on the iPad/iphone. If these systems failed I would use iGo Maps which stored downloaded maps offline. These systems however did not allow for sharing of routes and waypoints. Also the map density in the Stan countries is limited. I therefor bought a 15″ laptop and installed a solid state drive. This laptop was too big to use while driving. Jeroen point me in the direction of the small Asus Eee PC901. It was one of the first solid state 9″ laptop from 2008. I found one on the internet for €100 in The Hague and Jamaliah brought it back. After several frustrating weeks I managed to get all Garmin programs installed and running. In the UK I located a car mount system which I ordered. The suction cap was removed and the holder fit on a wooden construction connected to the ashtray. Now the PC is nicely in view during driving. All the planned routes and waypoint have been loaded and we are ready to go. Today was the test drive to Zelhem. Success