We could not leave Potsdam without visiting the inside of one of the palaces. I am glad we did. The “Neuen Palace” (1780) was fantastic. This was only the summer palaces of the Prussian kings (later emperors). It was a clear demonstration of wealth and power finance by the concurring of Silesia. The interiors were decorated in the opulent Rococo style. Kaiser William 2 signed here the orders for the first world war. In a palace further up the lane in the Sanssouci Park, the peace negotiations were held of the second world war.

Later than expected we drove to Poznan in Poland. After getting the camping address from the tourist office we could relax and wander through this historic town. It was the first capital of Poland back in 968. The old town square has been done up and the building restored/repainted. Since it was around 20 deg, the large amount of outdoor terraces were filling up. We left it for a local KFC type restaurant. More because Rudy needs to drive and the temptation of (no) beer on a terrace was too big. I am writing this in the middle of a noisy thunder storm. The local internet has therefore been switched off.