First it was back into Poznan town to see the double towered cathedral (15th century) on the river island where the town originated. We then crossed the bridge into the old town. On the main square we had a look inside the old town hall (1550). All floors were well laid out with paintings and other artefacts from the town. At 12 o’clock we were outside, just in time to hear and see the 2 metal goats butting their heads together 12 times. The square was full of school children counting the butts.

The drive on the new motorway (toll) to Warsaw was eventless. The scenery was mostly flat farmland with not many farms and villages. In Warsaw we managed to find with difficulty the parking place below the old city close to the Vistula river. We got the coordinates out of the recent NKC Camper magazine. No services are provided nor are there any other campers except for several trucks of the catering service for a film crew filming in the old city.

The late sunny afternoon was spent exploring the “old city” with rebuild main square and part of the city wall. It was all well done in 17th century style. If you did not know any better you would not notice it, except for the same roof tiles on all houses, straight chimneys and large rooms extending over several buildings.

On this trip we have been very lucky so far with the weather. It has been sunny and warm daytime and dry at night, except last night when we had thunderstorm and heavy rain.