Jamaliah survived her first wild camping experience and Rudy waked up early in the morning hoping to see some wild herds of Bison’s (He did see a heard moving fast in the distance which had horns he thought were Bison’s, but probably cows).

With everything packed we left early (7.15am) so that we can be in front of the queue at the border. It was actually far less cars than yesterday (maybe because its Monday morning and not Sunday) and since this is the second round for us, it was much easier with immigration, though importing the car into Belarus still took some time.

Driving to Minsk was quite easy especially on the highway, very relaxed and with less trucks but entering Minsk and trying to find the camping site given in the NKC Camper book was a nightmare. One of the given coordinates were just not right. The second is ok and in the end we just parked in the Hotel Victoria car park (just outside the ”old” city) and camped here for the night. Jamaliah hopes tomorrow’s camping site does have shower facility, as she badly needs her shower and fresh look.

We did our usual walking ritual after a long driving by walking to the old part of the city (which by the way has not much left over) and visited a couple of churches. It seems that Minsk is not really a tourist area as there is hardly much to see.

Tomorrow we will drive towards Moscow as we only have 2 days transit visa for Belarus and so the whole procedure of crossing border begins again.