We had the camera ready to take pictures of the local dacha’s but it did not work out. Instead we took pictures of the Kremlin in Pskov and a palace and Church in St Petersburg. We left early at 8:10 and made it quick to the first stop in Pskov. This was a Russian frontier town and as such had a large Kremlin (castle). Inside the walls of the Kremlin was a beautiful old orthodox church which attracted a lot of local visitors. The interior was a high doom resting on simple square long pillars. The decoration comes from all the icons which are hanging on the walls. The rest of the town could do with a bit of an upgrade. Especially given the beauty of the Kremlin and the tourist attraction potential. By itself the roads and cities are clean but just need upgrading.

All along the road you saw plastic bags full of collected rubbish from the road side. We saw only 1 gathering crew (prisoners, of assigned work?) but no collection. The road to St Petersburg was a busy single lane road with lots of potholes. There were a few maintenance crews busy but not sufficient. That also caused a 40 km queue from St Petersburg going out. Fortunately we went in the opposite direction. We kept following the GPS instructions through the city centre traffic jams to the tourist information. Unfortunately it was closed by the time we got there (18:10). Parking the camper in the centre did not give any problems. People were moving out so spaces became available. Also it appears like there is free parking. We took the opportunity to stroll the streets in the evening sunlight. It was not warm (12 deg) but the sun helps. In this way we came across the Highly decorated Singer building (see copper sculptures on the walls) and ended up at the Hermitage. There was an evening opening but we opted to go there tomorrow and give it enough time. On the way back we came across an old Orthodox Church (Church of our Saviour on spilled Blood). With the Lonely planet in hand Jamaliah guides us towards a cheap hostel (40 Euro per night) which even had a courtyard where we could park Passepartout. So Jamaliah can finally have her shower and Rudy his shave.