We thanked the hostel girls for staying in the courtyard and drove south again in the direction of Moscow. We would never make it in a day so there was no hurry. The drive out of St Petersburg went smooth. Large roads and the TomTom guides us effortless out of town. We had to stop somewhere for fuel and of course where is the petrol station if you need it. The system here is that you pay first for the fuel and then tank the litres you paid for. So you need to know how much fits in the tank. In Belarus I got it wrong and they had to refund the difference. We also found a water tap (inside a closed heated cupboard due to the severe frost in the winter) and filled up our water tank.

Along the way we stopped in Veliky Novgorod. This town has a complete Kremlin with high walls and towers along the river. Again the inside had several churches and a museum. It gives me the impression that kremlins are more administration centre then only a Castle. For that they are too large. It is also not a city wall because then they are too small. So in the old days the towns developed outside the kremlins and the people living there were hence not protected.

Sleeping this night is on the parking lot of a petrol station, in-between the trucks.