It was a cold night. The frost was on the bonnet of the car. Not yet on the inside of the camper windows because of the double glazing. The camper is winter proof and we have good down sleeping bags. Jamaliah now sleeps “downstairs” on the folded out sofa bed and Rudy “upstairs” on the long bed. For both of us that is better. Rudy because he has more space and for Jamaliah because the snoring is no longer next to her ears. As far as waking up there is no difference. Rudy still has to try and motivate Jamaliah to get out from under her warm duvet. Especially this cold morning. The drive went smooth to Tver (despite what the guidebook says, a non interesting town some 190 km above Moscow) and after that the road got busier and busier. From the outer ring of Moscow to the second ring it was start and stop. It took us several hours to get to the van Son’s residency (work colleague from our Oman time). That appeared to be an oasis of tranquillity in a forested area of Moscow next to the American school. We were really made to feel welcome and after a needed shower, went to see the school choir performing with the Bolshoi chamber music orchestra in the school auditorium. Luc and Deirdre took us later into town and we enjoyed the red square at night as well as our first decent meal outside the camper.