Sleeping in a decent bed with closed curtain made us forget the time. Also Luc had made pancakes for the whole family so we only left to explore Moscow around 12:30. We got the hang of the metro system and made it in and out of town without problems. The first stop was the famous Basil Cathedral on the Red square with all its onion shaped coloured domes. The church has some 8 small churches draped around the largest Basil church (1555 to commemorate the victory over the Tartan’s at Kazan). Over the centuries additional churches was added for another saints. You walked though small narrow corridors around the central church to visit the other ones. We had an audio guide which finally explained the composition of the paintings on the Iconostasis (screen closing off the altar into the area where only the priest can come).

Walking over the Red square around the Kremlin walls we entered via a ramp the actual Kremlin. This is a large enclosed area with at least 3 cathedral’s a bell tower, large government buildings and the Kremlin Palace. We had only time to visit the cathedrals. The palace is not open to the public. On the way back to the metro we met up with Stalin and Lenin. Putin was also there but we could only afford a picture with the older 2. A walk through the GUM luxury shopping arcade (+/- 1890) only cost some pictures and a few tourist trinkets. Not too bad.