The group meeting time was again shifted. This time brought forward to 7 May at Munimo, some 1048 km away. We decided to spend this extra day in Moscow and then make the trip in 2 days without tourist stops.

We went in to the city (via shuttle bus and metro) in time and tried to find the Tretyakov Gallery. After several direction changes we finally found it. It was however closed on Monday’s. The rain and wind were becoming more intense and when Jamaliah spotted a tour bus we jumped on it. It was a double-decker with a half open top. We settled on the top deck. The wind still blew some of the rain inside. We made the full two hour circle, not motivated to use the hop on hop off service. The pictures of the sites (Whitehouse, Neo-Gothic skyscrapers from Stalin) were grayish. Maybe I should over expose these shots so they look less grim. At the end of the ride we made our way to the Red October factory complex which is now the trendy restaurant area. The hot soup warmed us up enough to dare the rain again. The next shelter was in the large rebuilt Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (1860, destroyed 1947, rebuilt 1997). The last visit was to the metro where we worked out how to switch metro lines and also took some pictures of the underground stations. In the evening we had delicious chicken lasagne made by Deirdre. She made extra so we took some along in the camper