Fred &Truus and Meija &Paula did leave at 7:30am on the dot. Water was collected and they were on their way. With their large campers their speed is a lot slower than ours. So despite that we left at 8:15am we still reached the border before they did. Since we were not allowed to wait at the border we travel without any issues through and entered Kazakhstan. It was a similar worn out and bumpy road as in Russia all the way to Uralsk. Not all potholes can be avoided so I hope the new suspension is up to the impacts. In Uralsk we only briefly visited the orthodox church and had a coffee and toilet stop in a cafe. The town had broad streets and looked friendly in the afternoon sun.

There was however not much more of interest to see, so we followed the track out of town to a campsite 20 km on at the Oerla river. This spot was however now a resort of some type so we were only allowed to stay on the parking lot. We advised the others to remain in Uralsk and save another bumpy road. What we did have however was nature, sun shine and internet in the compound. I will later upload the text and possibly the photo’s if there is enough connection.