Early start for Jamaliah this morning as she agreed last night with the group (she wasn’t thinking then) to leave earlier than we normally do. So by 8am we were on the road again, towards Aralsk (which is some +600km away). The road was reasonably good and some stretches were really good so we could drive 100km per hour. Along the way we took again more photos of nomads cemetery, grain silo, Rudy panorama photo with lone horse rider herding cows and an unusual plant that we never seen before. It looks like a broccoli with big leaves on the ground and red flower coming out of it.

Since the road was too good, Rudy decided, after lunch, to drive instead to Chelkar (a side road which he wanted to do because other travellers had done this before and Jamaliah agreed (mad moment which she later regretted). So we took the side road and it was a horrible and bumpy road. 130 kilometre of hang on for your life road. Never again.

Not much to see in town (no lake and no hotel with shower), so we went to look for a campsite for the night outside town, along the road towards Aralsk. Was a good site but unfortunately there are no trees to hide us from the road so we had several unexpected visitors coming over for a chat. We could however fixed the sprinkler to our water tap and have a shower. The view is also great so things are all in all looking up.