The day started good. A nice sleep and a cool morning. We left early ready to hit the gravel road. After 10 km the track went over a sand dune. Jamaliah said no and I gave gas to try to make it. We got stuck. Shovelling did not help. Fortunately the security police, who visited us last night, came by and pulled us loos only to get stuck again when we attempted an alternative route. Apparently there were 3 such sand ridges to cross. That would be too much so we turned around and had to repeat the long 138 km bumpy road again and then over the highway to Aralsk.

We were in time to go to immigration and get ourselves registered. We visited the dried up harbour and the small fishing museum. Also managed to get Diesel (90L including jerry can), water (+30L also almost empty) money and food. Ready to go back into the steppe. The others had driven some 90 km on so we had to hurry to catch up with them before sunset. The time had again changed 1 hr. forward. In this way we can never get up early. In this trip we had to change the clock 4 times so far.