This morning the final touches could be done to the blog. Last night the internet went down. Rudy was sitting in the cool morning sun editing away and hearing the cars/campers leaving one by one. We drove the camper to the Ark. Inside was an exhibition of the local history, flora and fauna. Large groups of Uzbeks were wandering though the museum.


Opposite the Ark was a beautiful open air mosque. The roof was held up by long decorated wooden pillars. There was also a nice pond with flowing water.


The rest of the day was spent driving south out of the low plains into the Pamir foot hills. The pulling power of the car was disappointing (at 1500 m) so we will have to see how it goes on the Pamir Highway (4000+ m). The landscape was getting greener with more grass and hence sheep and goats. We drove on to 18:15 before we caught up with Paula and Meija and found a parking spot overlooking Boysun. It was much colder so the jackets had to come out when sitting around the camper and eating caviar on toast with beer and wine. Life can be hard…