What should have been an ideal camping spot with city view ended up as a noisy racing track. All night trucks slug up the mountain and rolled down again. It never stopped. But it was at least cool. In the morning some 3 buses of family stopped and took pictures of Rudy (and themselves) during breakfast. Now we know how it feels to always have to pose for the tourist pictures. The landscape was a high plateau with in the distance snow capped mountains. The road to the border was fine. Some of the towns we drove through were having a market day and hence very busy and slow driving.

The border crossing went smooth. On the Tajikistan side they had just tarred the road so our shoes were full of tar and sticky. Some of it got in the car. The immigration office was covered with it. They will need a new carpet. The usual paper work were needed for car import.US $90 for a transit permit for the car, another US$1 environmental tax and US$3 for another tax (not sure what). Handy to have cash $ in small notes. After the border the good road stopped quickly and the remaining 50 km was under construction.


Because of the lack of SMS coverage several messages got lost. Fortunately we still had the meeting point coordinates and after some searching we ended up at a restaurant on top of a hill in the park overlooking Dushanbe. The other campers slowly dropped in and we enjoyed a group meal looking down on the city. There was also a discothèque so we are now up to date with the local favourites. I hope the music stop before we goes to sleep.