It was a pleasure waking up in the camper at the lake side. The air was cool and the sun slowly started to light up the campsite. We spent some time cleaning up the outside of the camper and the toilet having all this water available.



The 28 km drive back around the lake and through the valley was a pleasure. Also the road further up over the mountains was a breeze. We did have to pay toll for this pleasure but then the road was good and the long tunnel we drove through had light and a good surface. The trip went so good that at the lunch stop we read the guidebook and decided to drive back to see Istravanshah which was recommended. We could not find what the main attractions were but had a nice walk through the very large covered bazaar and visited the site where Alexander the Great in 305 BC conquered the city (not much original left just a reconstructed wall, but it is the thought that counts) .

We drove into the very large Fergana valley (800 m high). It is shared via twisting borders between Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kirgizstan. The valley had some wheat fields and lots of Apricot (and /or other) orchards. . The grass on the hills was however brown so it does not rain too much here and I assume most of the irrigation water comes from the lake and the surrounding mountain streams. At around 17:30 all three campers came together at the border crossing. Ready to set off for Kirgizstan tomorrow.