Since we slept at the border we were the first in line. Once the custom officer was available all paper work was checked and we got our exit stamp. In the Kirgizstan side it was similarly swift that in 20 min. we were across. The road to Osh is a bit of a search and find. There are several Uzbek enclaves to drive around. These bypass roads are still under construction and not well indicated. For most of the time we hugged the border of Uzbekistan in the Fergana valley. We deliberately drove in a 3 camper convoy to avoid people getting lost and get through this sometimes troubled area as quickly as possible. In Osh the group split up with one looking for a large flatbed truck to send to the border we just came from and bring the stranded camper all the way to Kazakstan. In Osh we found a nice camping spot along a steam in the outskirts of town. All was going well from our side. The news on moving the broken down camper in TZ was also finally showing progress since its towing started at 01.00 hrs. Let’s hope it reaches the border at Isfara in time. It means a long 550+ km tow/flatbed drive.