Whole day was spent at the garage. First the ladies camper needed a broken bolt of the extra spring set to be replaced. This meant taking everything apart and un-welding/welding new bolts on the removed bottom plate. Around 14:00 that was done. It was lunch time so Rudi’s camper had to wait. The ladies drove on to the planned meeting point and at around 15:00 they started on Passepartout. The rubber/steel hinge connection of the torsion bar was gone on the left side. It made a strong banging noise when driving through big holes on the road (which is a lot). It looked like an easy job i.e. fabricate and replace the lost hinge. Unfortunately the hole part was sheared off and there was no thread to screw the bolt in. As a result the whole wheel hang-up had to be removed in order to weld a nut onto the frame. It was only finished around 19:30 so there was no time to catch up with the others. We drove back to our familiar night spot and again enjoyed the sound of the small fast flowing stream accelerated by the rain.