It was only a short drive from the main road up the valley to the old caravanserai. It was a crudely restored building but as a whole it gave a good impression of how it was to stopover at 3125 m. Around the building were several yurts for tourists. Several locals were staying there for the weekend. We made a late morning walk further up the valley through the herds of yaks, horses and sheep. A small dog was leading the way for us. Along the track we saw an eagle and several large marmots which we finally captured on camera. Higher up in the valley was snow, under which the stream flowed. The valley continued up after the snow patch but here we turned around. Most likely if you continued you would come to the Torugart pass (4752m) and cross over into China. Kashgar was only some 200 km down the mountain. In the afternoon everybody stayed in their camper. It started to rain which later turned to snow. The wind was strong so the heater was put on in the camper and we read a book. During the night the temperature dropped to 0 or below (?) but the sleeping bags were warm enough.