We had a slow start. First we let all the other guest leave so we had the house to ourselves again. Our camper friends joined us for breakfast. The ladies decided to take another day or 2 rest so Jeroen and I drove out of town for the long way around to Bishkek via the A367 crossing the low Kyzary Pass (2664m). First we made a visit to the CBT (Community Base Tourism) office to use the very slow internet connection there. We could clean up our e-mail but actually not read and reply to any long messages. Updating the Blog was not possible at that speed. As usual the drive started on a good road but when we got higher the smooth surface stopped and it was a rough road again. The scenery was again great. The mountains were covered in a thin layer of snow. Unfortunately the snow fall made it impossible to go to the nearby mountain lake and nature reserve (Song-Kul, 3016m). After the pass and on the way down the tarmac started again and we both enjoyed more the road and the views. We crossed the quick flowing Kokomoron river and stopped before the valley narrowed. Jamaliah took the opportunity to wash the clothes in the quick flowing river. There was also enough wind and sun to dry them before it got dark.