The second day on this road was nicer and easier. The conditions of the road were better. The first stretch was through the gorge till it open up into the large 2000m high valley at Suusamyr. The vast flowing stream we had followed was ideal for rafting and the mountains around the valley for skiing. Who takes the initiative? The road met the main Osh to Bishkek “highway” which started off with a climb up to 3100m. On the other side we snaked down the mountain into the large plains of Kirgizstan/Kazakhstan. We drove through the outskirts of Bishkek up to the Ala-Archa canyon national park. There on a parking place at 2000m along a fast flowing river we stopped for the night. Later on Angelina, who had her car repaired in Kazakhstan, joined us. In the afternoon there was time for a nice walk through the wooded mountain side following the river. We have not seen a forest for some time.