A short driving day. The first stop was at a restaurant along the new highway to the Ysyk-Kol lake which was to have internet. Well that did not work out. The dumplings were OK but no internet. The next stop was at Balykchy on the lake shore. No lakeside walks and it took us around 1 hr. to find the only place in town with WiFi. Even a pretty local guide could not help us find it. There are computer/gaming shops but there you have to use their computer. A bit like it was in internet cafe’s some 7 years ago before the WiFi introduction. This place was new and they had a relatively fast internet and some good noodle soup. All pictures could now be uploaded after the storage extension and captions were added. We hope you enjoyed it.


The afternoon was a lazy drive along the lake till we found a side road through a tree plantation to the lake shore. The wind was blowing but that did not prevent Meija and Rudy from taking a refreshing dip in the 18 deg water. Today we are down to 2 campers. Our 4×4 compatriots must have found a more interesting road to drive on.