During the night the sad news came through that one of our travel companions has to fly back to Holland for medical reasons. How this will end up we do not know yet. For now we are travelling around the Ysyk-Kol lake with Paula en Meija and will meet the other 2 campers again in Bishkek over 2 days. The camper from Fred is undergoing repair and hope to join us again in Russia. . Today we started off driving around the lake but at the first opportunity made a detour over some hills into a lovely green valley with a clouded view of the high snow-capped mountains in the distance. The road was very bumpy.

After 2 hour we took the first detour back to the more smother lakeside road. The beaches were beautiful. An effort was made to plant trees along the lake side and in several places there were abandoned hotels (may be due to the recent market crisis?). Close to Karakol we went up a valley with red sandstone cliffs at the end of it and camped along the fast flowing river. It is again around 2000m high so the night may be cold. Tomorrow early we hope to be in Karakol to see the animal Sunday market and other highlights in the town e.g. the cathedral and mosque (in the shape of Mongolian Buddhist temple).